Jefferson High School


English Department

Students earn English credit by completing any of the variety of assignments available. These include:

  • reading stories and answering questions
  • defining vocabulary and using it in original sentences
  • completing grammar packets
  • diagramming sentences
  • researching and writing essays of various types
  •  discussing literature, poetry, and other media in class
  • writing short stories and poems
  • blogging
  • writing newspaper articles
  • doing online activities, assignments and quizzes using the Quia website
  • silent reading in class
  • creating posters
  • writing letters
  • completing detailed book reports
  • and more.

Because students come to Jefferson with differing needs in terms of English credit, sometimes students may have more than one English class during the day. Due to the small nature of Jefferson classes, struggling students receive more one-on-one attention than in a comprehensive high school.

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Math Department

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Social Studies




Film Studies

Students requiring elective or fine art credit may take Film Studies to fulfill it. Jefferson’s Film Studies class is organized into themes to facilitate class discussions about the films we screen. Two examples of this year's themes include “movies with a twist” and “race and gender.” Aside from class discussion, students must complete a thorough film response in writing to receive credit for Film Studies. Film responses must display an understanding of plot and main characters as well as themes in the film, and must discuss the student’s opinion of the film.


Other Electives

Students may choose to do assignments that earn elective credit during English or other class periods. Some options include:

  • working out of approved textbooks in subject areas including psychology, botany or health
  • creating high quality artwork
  • writing fiction or poetry
  • completing assignments, activities and quizzes on the Quia website
  • researching and writing about any topic approved by the teacher
  • completing packets in various elective subjects, provided by the teacher
  • doing other projects envisioned by the student and approved by the teacher

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